Podcast – Wellness Unlocked: Taken over by the men!

It’s a podcast takeover episode! We struck up a little fun with our friends at Silver Spring Inc, who run the podcast Movie Nightcap. We agreed to take over each other’s podcast for one episode. We decided to watch a movie, then podcast about it (click here to listen), and they would, in turn, podcast about wellness.

In the episode, the men of Movie Nightcap take over and talk about keys to wellbeing from a layman’s perspective.

Hosts for this episode are Pete Tan and Nate Fisher who are the dynamic duo behind Silver Spring Inc, and their friend, Airrion Andrews. These three fellas are the voices behind Movie Nightcap, a podcast dedicated to friends talking about movies over beer.

Let’s be very clear- none of these guys are licensed to help anyone medically but in this episode they discuss some health concepts and practices that they’ve found useful in their lives.  Surprisingly they recorded this episode with coffee instead of beer. They even get serious about body awareness, exercise, and eating healthy.

You can listen directly here, and subscribe via iTunes or Sticher.

Here are some resources they thought you might find useful:  

You can follow Movie Nightcap on Twitter at @MovieNightcap, us @ThirdSpaceWell, and join the conversation using #MovieNightcapVSWellnessUnlocked!

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