Podcast — Wellness Unlocked: Surviving The Holiday Chaos

Holiday madness have you feeling nutty? We get it and we’ve got some ideas for you.

In this second podcast episode, Third Space Wellness continues to unlock the keys to your wellbeing – this time we’re talking about enjoying the holiday season so you don’t revert to embarrassing teenage behavior or worse… like in the infamous “Whole Foods parking lot” video!

In this episode we discuss how to survive the holiday chaos with deep breathing, hydration, watching out for sugar hangovers, baths with salts, essential oils, and most importantly a lesson in saying, “NO!”

And, have you heard about Rescue Remedy?! We’ll discuss why we love it as part of our natural product feature and we’ll also address Q & A from the community about germs, germs, and more germs…

Warning: Sometimes we use bad language. We’re guilty of potty mouth (actually it’s mostly Rachel).

Click here to listen! Produced by our friends at Silver Spring Inc.

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