Podcast – Wellness Unlocked: Roundtable Wellness Experience with Nate

“I thought my body was physically rendering what my mental state was… turned out [that it was the exact opposite]. As I took care of myself physically…that cleanse (I was looking for) came from what I was doing physically.” ~ Nate

Welcome to the Roundtable Wellness Experience: Nate. This is an introduction to a special project we’ve been working on for awhile. Nate is our producer at Wellness Unlocked and a longtime friend and colleague of Third Space Wellness. He is also a super star in his commitment to healing himself and asked us to work with him on the next level of his journey. Click below to listen directly or search for Wellness Unlocked in your favorite podcast app and download it from there.

Roundtable Wellness is a vision we’ve had since before opening Third Space Wellness. It comes out of a desire and need we see to help people navigate their health and wellness with more ease. It’s rare that individuals or families have access to having their practitioners – of varying modalities – working together collaboratively with them directly as part of the process of their healing. That’s what we’re exploring and building here.

In this podcast you will hear about the Roundtable Wellness process and what Nate is up to in this healing adventure. We go over the group dynamics of working with a team of practitioners – what that’s like for Nate, and for us as providers.

Tune in to learn about “anger colds”, being empowered about how you’re in charge of your own symptoms and healing, how the modalities we use work independently and together, and more.

Each week we will be making new content available – Nate has created vlogs to document the experience, which will be posted on our YouTube channel. Follow along as the experience unfolds!

We invite you to be a part of this story. If you have questions for Nate or our team, if you want to learn more, if you want more content, let us know! We will launch new content as it’s available, per your request.

Connect with Third Space Wellness:

Connect with Nate directly on Twitter at @ThirdSpaceWell or @heeey_nate or by contacting us at the center.

We’re on a mission to bring wellness to you in a fun, engaging and educational way. Third Space Wellness – between work, home, and everywhere you go. To schedule your Roundtable Wellness appointment, call us at 301.328.5326.

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