Podcast — Wellness Unlocked: Living Well In Winter

Fear not, Winter can be a great time of year for rejuvenation and restoration and this podcast episode will tell you how!

Check out our inaugural podcast here, produced by Silver Spring Inc.!

In this very first episode, Third Space Wellness unlocks some of the keys to having a great and easy winter. Hosts Joy Andrews, Rachel Brumberger, and Sam Dublin are the co-owners of Third Space Wellness in Downtown Silver Spring. Joy and Rachel are licensed acupuncturists and wellness consultants/educators. Sam is a yoga teacher and fitness instructor. We are bringing our experiences as entrepreneurs, teachers, wellness coaches, worker bees, spouses, friends, and pet lovers to the table.

In this episode we discuss what can you do to stay ahead of the cold curve: It’s all about the kind of sleep, food, exercise, and social calendar that makes sense during hibernation season.

We’re giving you some product tips too (yay SmartWool!) and addressing questions from the community which cover more on sleep, staving off back pain at your computer, and healthy high protein snacks for work and home.

Warning: We wellness professionals happen to enjoy the occasional glass of wine during some recordings, so hilarity may ensue.

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