Podcast – Wellness Unlocked: Living Well In Summer

This episode is all about living well in the summertime. For some folks it’s the best season of them all, for others not so much. We’re chatting about that and more.

Don’t fret if you hate a season that most people love. Everyone’s got their time to shine. Summer is all about passion, fun, and spreading our wings to connect with others. So whether you have summer sadness like Rachel (who hates this song) or you love it like Sam (we all love to sing with Will Smith), check out what we have to say about summery yoga poses, planning in your fun time, why you should eat watermelon or drink warm drinks at this time of year, managing your internal AC, how to deal with your emotions, when it’s good to be inappropriate, and more.

Then we make fun of people who hate humidity, talk about how people get internally humid like cheese cubes that sweat in the heat (and ideas about what to do about that), and there’s mention of Eeyore, too. We give a shout out to essential oils – good for summer is the minty family!

In this week’s Q & A, there’s a great question about what to do about the tense muscle knots in your back – OUCH. We have tons of info. for you about this.

Podcast – Wellness Unlocked: Living Well In Summer

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Warning: Sometimes we use bad language. We’re guilty of potty mouth (actually it’s mostly Rachel).

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