Podcast – Wellness Unlocked: Living Well in Spring

Living well with the seasons ain’t for nothing! Turns out there’s a great deal of wisdom from the ancients and older generations we can use in our modern lives that differentiate what is needed in each different season for optimum wellness all year long.

In this podcast, we’re talking about how to live well in spring. It’s seasonal wellness tips to keep you on your A-Game year round…because each season affects the next!

In this episode we discuss how the shit hits the fan for tons of folks when winter turns to spring…this shows up as what we like to call “the bitchy blues” and also sleep disturbances, muscle cramps and more.

You probably know by now we love to talk about sleep, because it is so damn important! We take a bit more time to talk about what you can do for your sleep hygiene and what healthy sleep is and is not. A huge part of this is our electronics, so you will hear about how Smurfs Village and Animal Crossing have ruined our lives. Then on the fitness scene it’s all about muscles, tendons and ligaments, because over winter our circulation is more concerned with keeping our organs warm…in spring it’s time to stretch back out and get the blood moving again! We discuss the importance of self expression and creativity too; the snow is melting, the sun is shining brighter and it’s time to be you, so the key thing is: what activity helps you express yourself?

On the food side of things we offer a listening demonstration of the difference between sour flavors and bitter flavors, because why? SOUR is the flavor of the springtime. And if you are one to get overheated when it gets warm, we’ll tell you what to eat. Here’s some info. about what foods are seasonal and local and here’s a list of Maryland farmers markets.

We chat about our favorite tea from Antler Alchemy! Why tea? It’s just so awesome – it can keep you warm, help you cool off, help you hydrate and get you some nutrients you might not otherwise get since most of us aren’t cooking with that much herbal diversity.

THEN we make a huge announcement! Here’s a clue. #SneekPeek

We always top it off with Q & A. This week’s quest for knowledge: what do you do to get some energy during the 3:00 p.m. slump (without drugs, scary caffeinated drinks, or otherwise)? Exercise is key. Sam has some awesome options to show you if you visit our Facebook page and seek out posts with #strikeayogapose. The second key is fat + protein. Why you wonder? We’ll tell you. You want specifics on what to eat? You’ll have to tune in!

Listen to the podcast over on Silver Spring Inc’s page or look it up iTunes or your podcast player under “Wellness Unlocked”.

Feel free to send us your wellness questions at info@thirdspacewellness.com, or tweet to us @ThirdSpaceWell using #WellnessUnlocked.

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