Podcast – Wellness Unlocked: Interview with Aunt Flo

Menstruation. Period. Rag time. Lunar cycle. In this episode, we discuss what a “normal” period is ideally like, and questions to ask yourself about your cycle.

This is an episode all about the feminine life force called bleeding. Tune in to find out where your period falls in the spectrum of normal; we cover what makes a flow heavy, what are different types of cramps, what clotting means, number of days in your cycle, what PMS and PMDD mean, whether mood swings are real, what to do if you can’t sleep during your period, scheduling your life around your natural energy highs and lows, and more! So many details you might want to brace yourself. And take notes.

We discuss the importance of making sure you’re high up on your own priority list, so that you’re happy, or at least seeking satisfaction in life, because that has a direct affect on your period.

Check out our blog called Menstrual Health Day – Taking Back our Periods.

Also, we like these apps to help you track your period, because it helps you take notice of all the details about your period as well as things that come up during the rest of your cycle as well:

Also, we think this invention by women for women is fantabulous: THINX – underwear for your period.

Check out this cool novel, The Red Tent, for some deep thoughts about menstruation. If you’re feeling some major suffering because of your cycle, come on in to see us!

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Warning: Sometimes we use bad language. We’re guilty of potty mouth (actually it’s mostly Rachel).

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