FIVE reasons to play hookey tomorrow

First of all, WHO ARE YOU? Are you really reading this post because you need a reason to take the day off? Send me your location and we will get assistance for you ASAP!

I’m kidding.

I get it. There is so much to be done at work. At home. In life. How can we possibly take a whole day off?

But the truth is individuals with less stress are better friends, partners, employees, spouses, caregivers, etc. The real question is: Can you afford NOT to take a day off?

So in case you do need convincing, there are at least FIVE very good reasons to play hookey tomorrow.

  1. It’s good for the soul. All work and no play will make you dull. No one wants to hang out with dull people. So do your soul a favor and give it some much needed rest.
  2. It will break you out of your routine. Routines are comfortable and help us get through the daily work but when we take a break from them it is positively invigorating! Break, rinse, REPEAT.
  3. There are less people out on a week day. That means the lines are shorter, crowds are smaller, parking is easier – TWICE the fun in half the time. Do it.
  4. It’s juice for your relationship. Play hookey with your partner! Shared laughs and conspiracies are a balm for any partnership.
  5. It cultivates a feeling of gratitude. Less stress encourages more positive feelings. When you are feeling positive, it improves your outlook on your life.



Then please come back and tell us what you did and how it went! We promise we won’t tell your boss!

P.S. Please don’t forget to pick up your offspring from school. Or better yet – call in a favor from the grandparents.


2 Responses to “FIVE reasons to play hookey tomorrow”

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  2. Bruce Plott

    Love the article, think I will play hookey tomorrow!!! Good reasons for me 🙂


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