Patience, young grasshopper

Sometimes things work themselves out. Patience pays off, as all great Kung Fu movies tell us.

My car door wouldn’t lock. Then one day it did.

An app on my phone didn’t work. Then one day it did.

I had a headache that lasted three days. And then it was gone.

Sometimes you don’t have to solve every single problem or wrestle every issue. If you can muster a little patience, some things just work out.

I was having a conversation with someone about evolution and creation. We came to the question: how come evolution can’t be the miracle? How come things that take a very long time aren’t seen as miraculous? Do we feel that way because we are fleeting creatures with short lives, short tempers and low patience, and need everything fixed NOW? Waiting is painful. And pain is painful. 

What if the answer to your greatest desire will happen in 50 years from now? What if healing will come over time? What if something that appears to be a huge thorn in your side now is really your greatest lesson unfolding? What nugget of truth do you find inside your current obstacle? 

Sometimes the solution is to watch, observe, and accept what is – simply be with what is. There is plenty of time for movement and action and activism and change and stomping around and making decisions.

And as we head into winter, I am reminded by the starkness of the sky and the echo of the silence that there is also a time to hold, to wait, to be.


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