Judgement-free zone

We’ve been including the words “judgement-free” in several of our class & workshop descriptions lately. Judgement-Free Nutrition Zone, judgement-free prenatal yoga classes, judgement-free regular yoga classes…

Judgement is more of a feeling we impose upon ourselves: we fear our bosses will judge us if we don’t get certain projects accomplished within a certain time frame; we fear our mother will judge what we’re eating or wearing; we fear our father will judge what car we decided to buy; we fear the doctor will judge us if we are honest about not exercising or taking our medication on time; we fear telling the Facebook world what we really feel about politics. What we’re really carrying on our shoulders is the fear of judgement.

How can we tell if we’re ever really being judged at all? Judgement lives in our vivid imaginations – in the invisible pause on the other end of the phone or text, in the facial expression that may or may not have been a side-eye roll or a wince from heartburn. Without even checking in with the other person though, the weight of perceived judgement just swims around our wild brain and weighs on our hearts. That’s the first opportunity for forgiveness: forgiving ourselves for generating unwarranted worry and fear. You. Are. Enough.

Here, in our treatment rooms and studio, we often say the words “no judgement” out loud to put people at ease. We mean it when we say you can tell us anything – a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. – and we will not lose sight of your wholeness & your amazing inner light, because we’re only human, too.


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