How to Change your Life on a Tuesday (or “Is Acupuncture Right for Me?”)

This entry provided by guest blogger and baker in Chief, Emily Robins.

I was talking to a woman last weekend who suffers from chronic issues after an injury a few years ago. “Chronic” means life-long, un-curable, and usually so tangled that doctors are not prepared to “fix” you. (Imagine chronic illness as a very tangled up necklace chain and a doctor that has oversized fingers and no patience and you’ll know what I’m talking about.)

Chronic illnesses usually attack an entire system within the body or multiple systems. I’ve had Lyme for 12 years and it destroyed my nervous system, digestive system, and musculoskeletal system.

I wasn’t treated for Lyme until 6 months after I was infected, so the usual course of antibiotics did not cure me. Even on a functioning day, I have severe memory loss, fatigue, joint pain, and lack of concentration. (This is a huge improvement over days I was bedridden because my joints had all locked or I had debilitating headaches).

This means that any introduction that exacerbates un-wellness – things like stress, lack of sleep, and poor nutrition – compound in a body that has trouble operating on a good day.

Through monitoring my health and behavior, I knew that once this cycle begins (I’m so stressed I can’t sleep at night, and then too exhausted to work efficiently, which means I’m stressed about it and working so much I’m not eating right so I’m not sleeping enough at night… that’s a helluva big cycle to break without professional help).

The beginning of this year I started seeing Third Space Wellness. A “whole”-istic treatment is the only one that will work when the dis-ease is everywhere. Even if I went to a doctor, what could they do for me? They might start with sleeping pills, or another course of extremely potent antibiotics… neither of which would help my real symptoms, and would most likely either worsen my physical health or bring up other problems by masking the real issues.

On the other hand, Acupuncture is healing. If you need something healed, then acupuncture is for you.

After six months of regular treatment, my Health, my Mental well-being, and therefore my Life, are in completely different places. Completely better places. I understand some people aren’t ready to change their lives. But if you are, call Third Space Wellness. They’ll be ready for you.

Goldilocks Goodies Owner Emily Robins

This short (and intentionally grammatically incorrect so that it was conversational) blog post was written by Emily Robins. She owns Goldilocks Goodies, a DC-based company specializing in freshly baked, all natural, gluten-free treats created with local ingredients sourced from Emily’s hometown of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They are baked in the family tradition of her mother, grandmother, and the 5 generations of farming women before them who worked hard to feed large families, farmhands, church potlucks, and neighborhood gatherings. Emily started her company in order to allow those with gluten allergies to have access to the culinary traditions we cherish and miss the most: breaking bread together over Sunday supper, home baked apple pie on an autumn day, chocolate chip cookies and a giant glass of farm fresh milk. Her bread is currently being distributed to restaurants in the DMV. More can be founds on her website:

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