How did #StrikeAYogaPose go?

Frankly? It sucked.

Not the doing yoga part… The sharing on social media part… It was a pain in the neck – even for hubs who had to take the pictures. The picture taking was pretty disruptive. (Read about #StrikeAYogaPose).

BUT I did enjoy having yoga as part of my every day life. Just standing on my yoga mat – before I had even done any poses – helped melt the stress away. On particularly rough days, collapsing on to my yoga mat was the first step to recovering. And on days that I couldn’t do a whole practice, doing one or two poses almost had the Pavlovian effect of a full practice – a one-way ticket to Relaxation City (not an actual city but if it were, I’d move there). More importantly, knowing that during my busy day there was time set aside for a moment of silence and movement made all the difference from a totally craptastic day to “it wasn’t so bad.” Since most of the time I was practicing at the end of the work day it was really helpful in transitioning me from activity to rest. It became a valuable part of my day.

So I plan on continuing to do a pose a day… But this time, no pictures. No social media sharing. Just me, my mat, and yoga. Okay, there will be the occasional social media sharing but not if it gets in the way of the practice.

Do your practice and all is coming. ~ Sri K Patthabi Jois

In case you missed it, below are some of my favorite poses:

Strikeayogapose IMG_6516

Did you do #strikeayogapose with me? How was it? And would you like to embark on your own yoga challenge?


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