Hit the pause button

Whether you are a guru at meditation or a total novice, taking a moment to be still and take a few deep breaths is part of the path to well being. Deep breaths have a ton of wonderful side effects, like:

  • Slowing you down on a crazy busy day and giving you enough space to complete the busy with a bit more ease (and fewer mistakes).
  • Helping you digest your food because breathing provides space in your chest cavity and helps the diaphragm move with integrity, then your food can move and be processed more easily too. (Added benefit, this helps your thoughts move down too, in case you’re thoughts have been spinning like a top in your mind.)
  • Helping calm your nerves (or stress) so you can be in a state of “rest and digest” instead of “fight or flight,” because breathing helps to reset the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Supporting you in letting go of the stuff that really isn’t that big of a deal after all, because when we have a moment to calm our nerves (see above), we have the space in our heads to sort out more effectively our upsets and reactions.
  • Making you a nicer person (seriously!), people who breathe in between thoughts and activities are generally more patient, because see all of the above.

Ok so with that, here’s a little meditation that was a great excuse to slow down and breathe and laugh a lot too. Meditation and deep breathing can be a serious thing though that’s no requirement! Pause and laugh a little.

Thanks for sharing this with us @Bethanyclm and hubby Matt. We love you both!


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