Do the sanity dance

This Thanksgiving weekend, add a little jig to your routine.

Preparing a turkey, turduckin, or tofurkey? Not sure it’s cooked all the way through? Do a little jig.

Running out to the grocery store to grab some last minute butter or ice and getting stuck in super long checkout lines? Bounce a little while you’re waiting.

Getting into a heated political discussion with you favorite family member? Shake your shoulders out.

Taking the kids outside for a while to get all their energy worked out? Do some skipping while you’re at it.

Subjected to an afternoon of bad tv? Get your toes wiggling.

Between all the things you have to do, all the people you have to update about ‘how work is going’, and between traffic, food, and family, this weekend can provide the perfect storm for physical exhaustion combined with boredom, fun, fury, laughter, and then emotional breakdowns. So one way to stay buoyant through it all is to shake, shake, shake it off, baby.

Shimmying, shaking, bouncing, and dancing is good for your health: it physically gets your Qi unstuck, keeps your blood flowing fluidly, helps lower your stress levels, helps your lymph continue to move toxins out of the body, and helps release pent up muscle tension.

So for the sake of your health, your sanity, and for maintaining world peace, spread a little joy and do a little dance!  Here’s a perfect example by our friend Steve from Catylator Makerspace, who was keeping warm before we were about to march in the Montgomery County Thanksgiving Parade:



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