Community Wellness Fund inspired by Bethany Meissner

Some people are an inspiration.

Bethany Meissner is one such person.

‘To inspire’ shares the same Latin root as the words ‘breath’ and ‘spirit’:

  • Inspire: ‘inspirare’ – to breathe upon, inspire, excite
  • Breath: ‘spirare’ – to breathe
  • Spirit: ‘spiritus’ – breath; breath of God, inspiration; breath of life

And here we are, inspired by Bethany to breathe this precious breath of life together.

Bethany is currently living with a cancer diagnosis, this time involving her lungs, as she recently disclosed in her blog post, “Let Everything That Hath Breath”.

As part of her current treatment, her medical team has recommended self-care, including acupuncture and massage, as an important component of her plan moving forward to boost immunity and relieve stress. Self-care, however, is not covered by her insurance plan.

So in collaboration with Bethany’s friend, Jonna Huseman, we hatched the following plan to get Bethany’s self-care taken care of:


The Community Wellness Fund inspired by Bethany Meissner is a fund at Third Space Wellness that will cover the cost of self-care visits in the form of acupuncture, massage, nutrition and yoga for both Bethany and her husband, Jarrod. Until March 7th, anyone can contribute to this fund in the following manner:

Via Phone: 301.328.5326

Via Email:

Via Paypal: (add Bethany’s name in the payment note)

And… if you know Bethany, you know she has a fierce love for her community (among other loves, of course, like her family, milkshakes, animals, books full of wit and thoughtfulness, a good laugh, her faith, and more). She is deeply invested in her community. She is intentional with her graciousness and support of her neighbors, church members, local small businesses, non-profit organizations, and worthy causes. So in true Bethany style, we knew this fund needed a ‘community love’ component – a way for her community to give back to her, and a way for her to share with others as she navigates her way through this experience. 

This is where the share-the-love part comes in: for every $500 contributed, Third Space Wellness will donate a one-on-one service or $50 worth of yoga to someone of Bethany’s choosing. And when the fund reaches $3,000, Jonna Michelle Photography will offer a complimentary family or couples photo session to a family chosen by Bethany.

Bethany inspires us here at Third Space Wellness to keep working towards our vision of being a conduit of wellness and of fostering community. We are honored and overjoyed to offer our support to her and our community!


Share the love and join the conversation on social media as well with @Bethanylcm using #SSWellnessFund.


Note: Third Space Wellness, LLC and Jonna Michelle Photography are not 501(c)3 organizations; therefore contributions made to this fund are not tax deductible.

10 Responses to “Community Wellness Fund inspired by Bethany Meissner”

  1. Meghan Tolmie

    You people are truly the most wonderful of all people in the land. I love this, I love you, I love Beth, I love community! ❤

  2. K.M. Kowalski

    Thank you all for your kindness, generosity, prayers, friendship and support to Bethany and Jarrod.

  3. Kim Tuvin

    I so love that you’ve included Jarrod in this!

    • tsw_admin

      Well we love him, too! And we love that Bethany’s medical team also encouraged him to be sure and take care of himself, also. Doc’s orders! Love and self-care!

  4. Bethany

    You ladies are incredible. *HUG* Thank you!

  5. Leilany

    How wonderful! Very thoughtful!

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