Community Code of Conduct

Our Community Code of conduct is guided by/in service to our organization’s vision, mission, and philosophy.

Third Space Wellness is committed to a safe and healing environment for all persons and as such when you sign your consent form(s) to participate in our services and community activities, you also agree to the following:

Respect diversity: To respect all persons in body, mind and spirit no matter their race, nationality, religious/spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation, biological sex or gender identity, mental or physical appearances and capacities, age, socioeconomic identity , ETC. Bottom line, we love people, and we love that no one person is exactly the same as another.

Be of sober mind and body: Unless specifically expressed in the service or activity description we do not permit participation in our services or activities if you are under the influence of alcohol, recreational drugs and/or substances, and/or pharmaceuticals that are not being used as intended/prescribed by your physician(s).

Keep your hands to yourself: If you have not been invited to touch or make advancements on another person, then don’t. Any acts perceived as harassment whether sexual or not will not be tolerated; this includes touching and talking.

Manage your space bubble: Exercise awareness of your space and do your best to give others room for their bubbles too.

Be mindful about hygiene: This is a shared space for everyone, please take care of your body so that everyone can breathe easily and be relatively comfortable. This means that it is preferred that strong perfumes and excessive odors are avoided. Clothing is required unless a specific service (e.g. massage or acupuncture) suggests certain items be removed with appropriate draping provided).

Speak like it matters: What you say and how you say it matters. Choose your words and your tone on purpose. Be mindful not to take your life stressors out on others. We’re all here to help and to heal; let’s speak to each other with that in mind.


Questions or concerns are receivable by our Community Experience Assistants at the front desk and Management at any time. If you are ever feeling uncomfortable or have been violated we request that you report this to us immediately so that we can resolve the issue and ensure your safety. You are encouraged to call 911 immediately to report the violation. We will call 911 immediately if an assault has occurred or there is a threat to anyone’s safety. This applies for everyone in our community: our clients/patrons, staff members, practitioners and teachers.

Third Space Wellness reserves the right to terminate your participation in any of our services and activities at any time, with or without notice to you, and without reimbursement of fees paid or with or without compensation for services provided by a TSW team member for any breach of our Community Code of Conduct.

Thank you for being a respectful member of our community, the world needs you and we appreciate you.

View or download our Community Code of Conduct.