Samantha Dublin

Can I get hurt doing yoga?

The truth is YES. Yes, you can get hurt doing yoga. But is it innately more dangerous than any other form of physical exercise or movement? NO. No, it isn’t. And I am not saying that because I love yoga but as someone who has been practicing for over ten years. When we do any physical movement, whether it’s dancing, running, or yoga, even if it’s under the watchful eye of an instructor, we have … Read More

Podcast — Wellness Unlocked: Living Well In Winter

Fear not, Winter can be a great time of year for rejuvenation and restoration and this podcast episode will tell you how! Check out our inaugural podcast here, produced by Silver Spring Inc.! In this very first episode, Third Space Wellness unlocks some of the keys to having a great and easy winter. Hosts Joy Andrews, Rachel Brumberger, and Sam Dublin are the co-owners of Third Space Wellness in Downtown Silver Spring. Joy and Rachel … Read More

Who says money can’t buy winter happiness?

Winter is my least favorite season. You would think that my rage alone would be enough to keep me warm until April but, sadly, it does not. But you know what? I finally figured out that there are things I can do and buy to ease my winter blues. I listed them below. I asked Rachel and Joy as well for things they use and look forward to when the weather turns cold. RACHEL Crockpot and dutch oven for … Read More

A brief story on non-attachment

Things are not going well at work. I will spare you the details but the bottom line is that I have gotten too attached to the outcome of this “day job.” I have expended too much energy and surrendered too much of my peace of mind to the situation. I did not win. I could not win. As a result my chi suffered. Dearly. I was walking around with a cloud of unpleasantness around me like Pig … Read More

How do I know if I am ready for advanced yoga?

If you can do the pose pictured below, you are ready for advanced yoga. Just kidding. I am often asked this question. And chances are if you are asking it, then you probably are. You are ready for an advanced yoga class not when you can do fancy yoga poses but when you are able to practice mindfully. Practicing mindfully allows for practicing safely. Awareness of your body’s own limitations and listening to pain are … Read More

FIVE reasons to play hookey tomorrow

First of all, WHO ARE YOU? Are you really reading this post because you need a reason to take the day off? Send me your location and we will get assistance for you ASAP! I’m kidding. I get it. There is so much to be done at work. At home. In life. How can we possibly take a whole day off? But the truth is individuals with less stress are better friends, partners, employees, spouses, … Read More

Yoga props are your friends

If you have ever been to a yoga class or even just looked into one, you are probably wondering what the story is behind all the items used by students in a yoga class besides the mat. What are these “props” that people are using?!? What are they for? What do they do? Do I need them as well? Yes, no and maybe are the best responses depending on where you are on your physical … Read More

Is yoga a religion?

Simply put, the answer is NO. Individuals practicing yoga often come up against the question of whether yoga is a religion. It is an issue that has gained prominence as more and more yoga is taught in places like schools and churches. Yoga does descend from a religious tradition but it does not require adherence to a belief system, creed, obligations or rituals. Yogis practicing today come from all sorts of different religious backgrounds. Some have a … Read More

10 ways to thrive in the workplace

Have you ever seen a Dilbert comic strip, read it, start laughing and then crying hysterically because you realize that your office is probably the inspiration for it? Trust me, I have been there and many, many people have to endure the kind of workplace environment that would make even Dilbert look preferable. So what can you do when your office is soul crushing and getting another job is not quite an option? Decorate your … Read More

Meditation: It’s here to cure what ails you

We are hearing more and more about meditation and its benefits. It can make you more alert, reduce your stress, enhance your creativity, make you taller and pump up your biceps… (Okay, scratch the last two…) But it sounds like the magical pill that will cure whatever ails you and everyone is trying to get in on it… After all, it’s only about sitting on a cushion, closing your eyes and breathing deeply, right? Well, yes … Read More