Samantha Dublin

What kind of yoga is taught at Third Space Wellness?

We are often asked this question especially by people who are new to our space. In short, our teachers at Third Space Wellness blend different styles of yoga into their classes. Except for our Yin Yoga class, each teacher takes a blend of Vinyasa, traditional Hatha, Yin, and other yoga schools of thought into class. It can change from day-to-day and may depend on the students in class on that particular day. Because there are … Read More

Podcast – Wellness Unlocked: Sleep – it’s an art and a science

Sleep, snooze, schluff (what, Yiddish?!) – Whatever you like to call bedtime, this is an episode all about sleep. We’re talking about healthy sleep in this episode – what healthy sleep is, how to begin achieving it, and some commonly overlooked sleep breakdowns. We’re going to cover alarm clocks and your snooze button, electromagnetic disturbances, and the importance of clean sheets (the truth really comes out here!). And what about dealing with sleep when you … Read More

Yoga for Dummies

Ever sit in a yoga class and think, “I have no idea what the teacher just said.” I’ve been there. So to help you fake it till you make it, below are some terms you may run into: 1. NAMASTE. One definition is “I bow to the divine in you.” Used as a greeting. 2. ASANA. Sanskrit for pose. You will find that the Sanskrit name for poses end with asana. For example, Sav-asana or Mal-asana … Read More

Podcast – Wellness Unlocked: It’s a Shit Show

No matter what you call it, we need to talk about it! This is an episode all about digestion and what happens when yours is working and when it’s not. If you’ve ever wondered if your toilet matters are “normal” this is the time to investigate. We’re talking about what it should look like, smell like, how often you should go and what a healthy system looks like and acts like. Of course because it’s … Read More

What’s up with FAT Yoga?

“Can overweight folks do yoga? It seems to be for the thin and flexible.” In one form or another, the sentiment above is one of the most common ones expressed to me ever since I started doing yoga. And I simply cannot say it enough: YOGA IS FOR EVERY BODY. Repeat after me: YOGA IS FOR EVERY BODY. It doesn’t matter whether you can touch your toes or even see them. It does not matter how … Read More

Podcast – Wellness Unlocked: Living Well In Summer

This episode is all about living well in the summertime. For some folks it’s the best season of them all, for others not so much. We’re chatting about that and more. Don’t fret if you hate a season that most people love. Everyone’s got their time to shine. Summer is all about passion, fun, and spreading our wings to connect with others. So whether you have summer sadness like Rachel (who hates this song) or … Read More

A photo recap of Yoga on the Mall 2015

It was a beautiful day to practice under the sun with hundreds of yogis. There is absolutely nothing better than turning your gaze up to the sky during sun salutations and spotting a monument in your line of sight. This year included an acro yoga demonstration and even a little dancing. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience but I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Plan on joining us next year!       … Read More

Podcast – Wellness Unlocked: Debunking The Top 10 Yoga Myths

In this podcast, our teachers Sam, Annie, and Rick squash the top 10 myths surrounding yoga. They talk about some of the barriers that those who are new to yoga feel like they might be facing, from needing to be more flexible to purchasing $100 yoga pants. We also get into a deep discussion about whether you can get hurt while practicing yoga. Listen or download the episode directly here. We are also on iTunes! Follow … Read More

SEVEN excellent reasons to join the TSW Silver Spring Running Club

Here are seven seriously excellent reasons to join the TSW Silver Spring Running Club or #SSRunClub for short: Because misery loves company. Okay, not really, but it will be so much better to have someone running by your side than toughing out a run alone. To have someone hold you accountable. And for you to hold someone else accountable. Imagine if your workout had the dual purpose of not only helping yourself but helping someone … Read More

Podcast – Wellness Unlocked: The Community Speaks

We’re serious when we talk about the importance of community. So, we decided to bring some of our peeps in to chat with you about their wellness experiences with acupuncture, yoga, food and more… we want you to hear from the folks we consider the real experts (that’s you – yep! You are the best wisdom for your own body and wellness). We’ve got fabulous guests – Rebecca, Nate, Pete and Tia – community members to … Read More