Guest Blog: I am not my flaws.

Have you ever felt resentment or anger towards someone who hurt you in a relationship? If you have, you’re not alone. I have too. Let me tell you the story of how I got through it. In 2012, I met the most amazing guy on match.com. We’ll call him David. He was tall, dark and handsome, a Texas native, proud veteran, boisterous, and he made me laugh until it hurts. That’s what got me, the … Read More

5 big lessons in entrepreneurship (aka what we learned during our first year in business)

    It’s April 2016 and we are officially celebrating an entire year of Third Space Wellness having an open location. For a few years we searched the 20910 high and low, we had late night meetings around a kitchen table, we taught classes on the go, and saw clients in a one-room office. Then it happened, the stars aligned and everything fell into place. We opened the doors to a beautiful center. It hasn’t … Read More

Meet our yoga teacher: Tiffany Maqubela

Tiffany is a graceful teacher who moves through class calmly and intentionally. (Next to her, I look like an awkward prepubescent boy.) She crafts a yoga class that will challenge you but leave you centered. In her class, you are able to pay close attention to the movement of your body and understand your body’s relationship with the asanas. So whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, you will discover new things … Read More

A lack of underwear and other humorous moments.

It’s been a busy few weeks for Third Space as we settle into our new location… and with the hours we’ve been keeping, which we are embarrassed to even publish (so we won’t), it’s been a real trip. We are learning some great lessons along the way, one of the best reminders is how human we are. And, being the consummate professionals we like to think we are (both in wellness and business), we’ve been humbled … Read More

Podcast — Wellness Unlocked: Surviving The Holiday Chaos

Holiday madness have you feeling nutty? We get it and we’ve got some ideas for you. In this second podcast episode, Third Space Wellness continues to unlock the keys to your wellbeing – this time we’re talking about enjoying the holiday season so you don’t revert to embarrassing teenage behavior or worse… like in the infamous “Whole Foods parking lot” video! In this episode we discuss how to survive the holiday chaos with deep breathing, hydration, … Read More

We won this for you! Competition Results

Some of you know we were recently asking for votes and support for some kind of business competition. Well, all your hard work paid off! We thank all your fingers and thumbs for all their clicking on our behalf. Here’s how it went down: A few months ago, we entered a business plan competition online. It was called STARTRIGHT! hosted by the Maryland Women’s Business Center (MWBC), which is an education and resource center for … Read More

Why Downtown Silver Spring?

Why do we focus on Downtown Silver Spring? Here are a few things we have going for us here:   A meditation museum! The headquarters for Discovery Communications which means we see a 747-size blow-up shark attached to their building during Shark Week. Science on a Sphere: A massive dynamic globe for us science nerds: this is the closest thing to viewing the earth from space. Housed at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The … Read More

Rachel’s Story: Part 2

“Hilarious!! Stick needles in people?”  Yeah right…! Trish kept mentioning it, and it only took me a few more weeks to hear her. With encouragement from her and Matt I generated enough curiosity and confidence to attend an open house at then Tai Sophia (now MUIH)… Maybe I would become some kind of healer after all? Looking back now, there were many moments that pointed to “healer” – my fascination with medicine women in stories … Read More

Rachel’s story: Part 1

I’m opening up my mind, body and soul to you, so you really have a sense of what lead me to here. It’s not all pleasantries. Bear with me, TMI and all. Please remember though, it wasn’t all bad. I had a wonderful childhood, and I have wonderful memories of joy with family and friends. Yet, when I look back at my life and recall the anguish I was experiencing being in my body, I … Read More

Sam’s story: when yoga comes for you…

Yoga was the answer to the question I didn’t know I was asking. At the time that I discovered yoga I was looking for something. Something different. Something that would help. I don’t want to imply that everyone who practices yoga is broken but then again is there anyone out there who isn’t a little broken? I knew yoga existed. But I didn’t know much about it and I didn’t care. I wasn’t the type … Read More