Be well this summer.

We are big on learning from nature about how to be well. Part of this is taking note of what each season, uniquely, has to offer us in learning to live our lives with more ease.

Here we are in summer; the season of the heart. For some of us, it’s this time of year that we look forward to – we can’t wait for it. It’s the best time of the year. For others it’s rough, we are plagued with depression, anxiety or nostalgia. For some still it’s just O.K.; we don’t hate it, but we don’t necessarily prefer it either.

No matter which category you choose to define yourself by here, there are ways to buff up your wellbeing this season. Over the years we’ve put together material on just how to do this. Rather than repeat ourselves, we’ll guide you to the resources we’ve already designed. We love creating content that helps you create the wellness you’ve always wanted. Here it is:

And if you need help with any of this, you know we are here for you.

With love,

The Third Space Wellness Team


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