Be Lush: a lesson in wellness from summer

We at Third Space Wellness teach a workshop called “Living Well with the Seasons”. Essentially, we uncover ways we can learn about what’s going on inside our bodies by paying attention to what’s going on outside our bodies. We are constantly affecting nature and nature is affecting us. You probably have more insight than your realize about how your body responds to what’s going on with the weather, flora & fauna, and seasonal food.

I was recently working at an amazing event called Food As Medicine hosted by The Center for Mind-Body Medicine. We were in the San Francisco Bay Area; the chilly early morning fog followed by the dry hot sunshine were different from my Silver Spring neighborhood. The food, water, and light were all different. I spent some time outside in the dry heat and noticed that my air-conditioning induced cough subsided drastically.

When I came home, I noticed the difference immediately. Air was thick with moisture. Grasses and weeds were bushy. The tallest treetops were at full peak. Flowers had multiplied and were in full bloom, messily spilling out of their pots. It. Was. Lush.2014-06-12 10.58.02

What can we learn from nature when summer is in full effect?

Be lush. Bloom baby, bloom. Find a way to fully express yourself and feel joy. Get outside and let your skin soak up some sun, or even some warm rain. Eat some juicy watermelon. Let your hair down, so to speak. Crank up your favorite music. Allow yourself to daydream and laugh during the day. Laughter, after all, may just be the best medicine because of how it opens and lightens your heart. Author James Altucher always quotes this stat: “A kid laughs on average 300 times a day. An adult laughs on average… 5 times a day.” Now is the time to choose more moments to let your heart feel fully open and alive, with someone you love (or even just like)!

Time is of the essence: let summer nourish you while she’s here.

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