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We all need somebody to lean on

Over the past few blog posts, we’ve told you the stories of how we each ended up where we are today. Here is how our paths crossed and intertwined: I fell in friend-love with Rachel on the first day of grad school at our acupuncture program when, as we went around the room introducing ourselves, she stood up – with her whole family in tow. Her fiance (now husband) Matt, said “I hope you all … Read More

Rachel’s Story: Part 2

“Hilarious!! Stick needles in people?”  Yeah right…! Trish kept mentioning it, and it only took me a few more weeks to hear her. With encouragement from her and Matt I generated enough curiosity and confidence to attend an open house at then Tai Sophia (now MUIH)… Maybe I would become some kind of healer after all? Looking back now, there were many moments that pointed to “healer” – my fascination with medicine women in stories … Read More

Rachel’s story: Part 1

I’m opening up my mind, body and soul to you, so you really have a sense of what lead me to here. It’s not all pleasantries. Bear with me, TMI and all. Please remember though, it wasn’t all bad. I had a wonderful childhood, and I have wonderful memories of joy with family and friends. Yet, when I look back at my life and recall the anguish I was experiencing being in my body, I … Read More

Building communities one yoga class at a time

Communities take time to build. And sometimes it organically starts when two people with similar interests come together. When Joy Andrews walked into my new yoga class at the Gold’s Gym in downtown Silver Spring she did not know that it was my first class. EVER. She did not know that I was fresh off of yoga teacher training. She did not know that I was terrified. That first class was the longest 60 minutes … Read More

Sam’s story: when yoga comes for you…

Yoga was the answer to the question I didn’t know I was asking. At the time that I discovered yoga I was looking for something. Something different. Something that would help. I don’t want to imply that everyone who practices yoga is broken but then again is there anyone out there who isn’t a little broken? I knew yoga existed. But I didn’t know much about it and I didn’t care. I wasn’t the type … Read More

Another look at thankful

On Tuesday nights, before our standing meeting here at Third Space, I often attend a yoga class. I’ve learned that when I do yoga I am better – in life. I breathe better, I stand taller, my blood moves and I feel easier. But this post isn’t about why people should do yoga – it’s about what I discovered on Tuesday night because I was doing yoga. I almost didn’t go, I mean – really. … Read More

Joy’s story: the journey to acupuncture

The word coincidence is such a mysterious word, alluding to a collection of seemingly random events that lead us to drum up a dizzying amount of possible meanings. The term didn’t used to be so magical; it originated as a scientific math term to describe when two right angles fit together, or coincide. Here I will unfold a few specific events in my life that that fit together perfectly and led me to become an … Read More

Working Together

I recite this quotation to patients and loved ones almost once a week. Whenever I hear in someone’s speaking that they are not fully expressing themselves. Whenever I hear that because of a fear they have shied away from showing their true nature. Whenever I hear the pain and anguish that comes as a result of NOT being their fullest selves. Whenever this happens I read this to them, with love and with fierceness, because … Read More

The day I realized that procrastination isn’t worth it.

Sunday, 11/3/13 @ 4:18 p.m. It is the 11th hour or so, literally, that I have been cleaning up some documents on my computer. I feel like I was at the very beginning of the game board, and that I may never reach the end. I know it is not so – I will reach the end. I have a goal, and what’s more important, I have a commitment. I’m studying Chinese herbal medicine to … Read More

What’s in a name?

We polled a sample of bright minds to help us land on a name for our future wellness center. And the survey said….Third Space Wellness! So what’s the meaning of Third Space? When the inklings of this wellness center began to bubble up in our imaginations, we envisioned it as a vibrant, inviting space – less like a spa, more like a coffee-shop-meets-Apple-store feeling. We imagined a quality of liveliness – of people coming to … Read More