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12 tips for choosing your acupuncturist

Choosing an acupuncturist, or any healthcare provider, is an important part of your healing and wellness process. It’s all too often that we are quick to trust “the expert” more than we trust ourselves, especially when it comes to our health. A good acupuncturist is looking to empower you to own your wellness and that’s what we are all about at Third Space Wellness. In fact, from the rich conversations we have on a regular … Read More

What is your yoga type?

Disclaimer: This is NOT a Buzzfeed quiz where you answer a bunch of questions then “BAM, here’s the perfect type of yoga for you!!” But I know a lot of people who wish there was one  (an accurate one anyway) because the question I get asked the most is – what type of yoga should I practice? One of the obstacles to getting started in yoga is not knowing what type of yoga is right … Read More

How does acupuncture work?

One of the most common questions I hear is “how does it work?” Oh the mystery! I’m often tempted to pull out Legos to enact a scene of what happens inside the body during acupuncture. Maybe I will make that a youtube video one day… In the meantime, here’s a simple breakdown of how acupuncture works: Acupuncture is a system of medicine that uses specific points to activate the body’s own healing mechanisms. An acupuncturist … Read More

“Snupset?” 10 Ways to beat the snowy blues

So far it’s been a snowy 2014 here in the MD/VA/DC metropolitan area. Just when we think the sun is shining us right into more regular springtime weather, schools are closed or opening late from the next white blanket of winter. There’s been a lot of snow upset or as I like to call it “snupset.” With cabin fever, kids home from school and workday flow getting shaken up it’s not surprising to hear that … Read More

12 ways to have a good day

You know that perpetually upbeat person who greets you with an obnoxious “Make it a nice day!”? And then you add not kicking that person to your list of personal successes? Well, he (or she) may have a point. Bad or unpleasant things happen that can ruin our day. We can’t entirely control our environment but there are ways we can make it easier on ourselves – just little things that we can do, along … Read More

9 reasons to try acupuncture that you may not have known about

You’ve heard about it. You’ve been meaning to try it. So what should you pick as your reason to book an appointment? When people ask me what acupuncture is good for, the short answer is “anything you need help with”. Acupuncture is a system of medicine based on restoring balance. The goal is to restore normal functioning by balancing out what is excessive or lacking. You can book an appointment whether you have no symptoms … Read More

Resolutions vs. Intentions

I know it’s January at the gym without looking at a calendar. How? Because last Saturday my Spinning class was packed. Some faces were familiar but there were a lot of new ones. At the gym the classes are busier and everyone is excited to be there. It’s like the first day of school! (Except unlike school, some drop out after a month or two.) As fitness instructors, we love this time of year. We … Read More

Why Downtown Silver Spring?

Why do we focus on Downtown Silver Spring? Here are a few things we have going for us here:   A meditation museum! The headquarters for Discovery Communications which means we see a 747-size blow-up shark attached to their building during Shark Week. Science on a Sphere: A massive dynamic globe for us science nerds: this is the closest thing to viewing the earth from space. Housed at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The … Read More

Yielding in-between.

We’re in a funny kind of in-between seasons here in Maryland. Just a week ago it was 7 degrees, and today the warm sun is tricking the buds on trees outside of my door to get ready to sprout and come alive. Even the sunlight is changing. I’m recognizing it in myself too. In the mornings I’ve been ready to go, like an engine revving up. In the afternoons I am still sleepy – a … Read More

Standing tree – schmanding tree – why does it matter?

When someone finds out I am a yoga teacher, the response is almost always, “Oh, yoga! I can do yoga!” and he (or she) strikes his version of tree pose (aka Vrksasana). Often with hysterical results. It doesn’t matter. I appreciate the effort to connect. But have you ever wondered what all the hype was surrounding yoga? Why celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Adam Levine are lovers of yoga? The truth is there are many … Read More