Alcohol-free? Are you crazy?

It’s that time of year when I am overcome with guilt on everything I imbibed on over the holidays. There are no regrets mind you… but my body has stopped speaking to me. And this happens year after year after year.

Another thing my husband and I do year after year after year is go on an alcohol-fast (because a couple who fasts together stays together? Not sure about that one – it gets dicey at the end…) From January 1st to March 14th (the Saturday before Saint Patrick’s Day – not a coincidence) we abstain from all alcohol – no beer, wine, cocktails, moonshine, chocolate with liquor in it, etc. Just me, my bottle of water and a lot of teeth gritting/fist clenching and scowls swapped with my husband for 73 whole days.

Why do we take on this insanity?

1.  Sometimes the best way to find out how something is affecting my body is by going without it for a few weeks.Alcohol-free? Are you crazy?

2.  Because both my wallet and my liver could use a break.

3.  Because a change in routine does wonders for my psyche.

4.  To see the physical benefits of not ingesting so many “empty calories.”

5.  To prove to myself that there is still a distinction between needing a drink and wanting a drink.

6. Because my willpower could use a little flexing.

It does not matter when a person chooses to do their alcohol fast. Winter time just works for my husband and I because we are already less inclined to go out when it is cold. And as we all know, avoiding alcohol when you are out with friends is difficult. But we do still go out if only for people’s priceless reactions when we tell them.

If you would like to join us, whatever your reasons may be, let me know! You can do all 73 days with us, 60 days or 30 days – whatever floats your boat. Either way, I would love to be able to provide support by email (, Twitter or through Facebook! In doing something together, our chances of success increase!

But where to begin? Here are a few tips and suggestions to help get you through your alcohol-free days:

1. Resist the urge to substitute sugary drinks or soda for the alcohol that you are missing.

2. Remove any alcohol from your home. (Ask a very trusted friend to store it for you who won’t drink your stash). 🙂

3. Do your best to avoid tempting situations like the open bar office party or a craft beer sampling event. Staying home might feel cowardly but sometimes it’s just the best thing to do.

4. Commit to seeing this through and if it helps, buddy up with someone who will go through this experiment with you. (Like me!)

5. Find out what works for you – be it keeping this decision to yourself or sharing it with your friends so that they can help support you.

Trust me, this can be done. And the sweet victory of having your first adult beverage on March 14th is an irreplaceable feeling. I hope you will join me. I hope we can stay friends.

Good night and good luck!



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