We’ve created a “third space” in Downtown Silver Spring – between home and work – a neighborhood hub to get well, stay well, and do this all with others.

The Third Space

Not just a clinic and not just a studio; this is the space between, where we can learn ways to cope with stress, prevent illness, and live with more ease. Wellness, after all, is knowing yourself well.

Our Vision

We heal our world one person at a time by empowering you to own your wellness – to know that your constellation of symptoms can lead you through a rich and dynamic exploration to your own wellbeing and to connect you with others doing the same.

Our Mission

We are a conduit of wellness:

a) we deliver services including acupuncture, massage, and nutrition to address your distinct and unique needs for wellbeing

b) we provide a place where you can find community amongst others who are also on their health and wellness journey

c) we collaborate with other wellness professionals to navigate your health and wellness to excellent healthcare and wellness options, as well as foster community within the wellness profession to better serve you. 

Our Third Space Wellness brand stands for:

Connectivity: We are committed to instilling a sense of community by offering opportunities and the space for shared experiences and partnership. We believe that healing occurs between individuals with shared interests, concerns, and experiences of suffering. Through engagement with others and a deep sense of belonging and tending, members of a community help and care for one another and enhance each one’s capacity to enjoy life. And it’s now scientifically shown that community – having someone close to you who’s ‘got your back’ – improves your wellbeing and helps you live longer.

Empowerment education: We operate under the assumption that each of us, as unique individuals, are our own best care provider even if we may not yet have learned how to understand the signals that our body is sharing with us about to how take care of ourselves. We are committed to helping each person learn about their unique ability to be their own best healer. Additionally, through this education, individuals learn how to more effectively engage with each of their medical providers to increase the efficacy of all their healthcare inputs.

Diversity: From within to without and without to within we are committed to working with individuals, period. No matter who you love, where you live, how much money you have, and by every other choice, belief, and circumstance that make each of us a unique manifestation of human-ness. Our team represents human being-ness of all kinds and so do our patients.

Accessibility: It is our intention that individuals will be able to access quality medical (physical, emotional, spiritual) attention and care each day via the services that we offer or appropriate referrals that we provide. We understand that acute circumstances can arise whether an individual is managing a chronic condition, experiences an injury, or encounters new circumstances; we are committed to addressing this with care, respect, and appropriate speed, either by our own practitioners or by recommending resources for immediate care elsewhere.

Trustworthiness and safety: We built this business from rich and woven experiences of bringing our A game in the business world. So we like it when i’s get dotted and t’s get crossed, so that clients feel safe in the presence of our professional care.

Transparent relevance: We are human – witty, hilarious, imperfect, honest, crass, loving, real… just like you. We aim to be transparent in who we are and how we work, and we aim to continue to evolve to be relevant to the changing needs of our community.