A lack of underwear and other humorous moments.

It’s been a busy few weeks for Third Space as we settle into our new location… and with the hours we’ve been keeping, which we are embarrassed to even publish (so we won’t), it’s been a real trip.

We are learning some great lessons along the way, one of the best reminders is how human we are. And, being the consummate professionals we like to think we are (both in wellness and business), we’ve been humbled and humored by the breakdowns we’ve had. So, here they are… in the nakedness and spirit of sharing… we hope you will find yourself normal (because we really are all human) when you read these, so you can laugh at us, and yourselves.

In no particular order:

  1. We ran out of underwear. For realz, actually it was more than underwear. Nothing is more humbling than getting ready to come give people acupuncture treatments only to find that you are completely and totally out of underwear. Now, unless you go commando, this is a problem! And it’s even worse when your partner calls wondering where all of their underwear and clothes are, too… Yea. Not awesome to tell your spouse who hasn’t seen you in the light of day for over a week that, “I’m sorry you have no pants to wear to work today, good luck with that! Love you, bye.” All three of us experienced this breakdown last week.
  2. No one is home. Ever tell someone that you’d be home by 7 p.m. and at midnight, they finally text you to find out where you are? Or better yet, you tell your loved one that, “Sure, I can take you to your appointment at 4 p.m.” and then you completely forget that you told them this, and also forget to go home and take them? A few rounds on the bus later, you come home to find hubby staring at you and wondering out loud what happened to you so many hours earlier? Well, last Monday, both of these things happened and two hubbies were S.O.L wondering where their responsible wives had gone.
  3. Whose blog is it anyway? Last week we decided to get you a quick note and photo to show our status on the move. We discussed it and then promptly forgot to actually follow through. Then last night we decided on this content. Again, we promptly forgot and here I am posting for you at the silliest posting hour ever. Losing our minds, one blog at a time.
  4. Also, there’s no toilet paper. Around 12:30 a.m. one night, a hubby goes to the bathroom, only to find that the roll is empty. He searches high and low, in all of the usual spots only to discover that his beloved, who is typically adamant about TP purchasing hasn’t replenished the supply. “Hmmm,” he wonders, especially since she actually went to the store the day before. She ends up buying the TP at Staples while on a run for business supplies.
  5. There’s crazy shit growing in the fridge. Now everyone has a bit of this or that mold in the fridge sometimes. It’s pretty normal to forget about that one odd tupperware or the cheese in the back. But opening your fridge twice in the past two weeks to find almost the entire contents of it completely white, blue, and nasty juicy everywhere, well, that’s just embarrassing. I’m still recovering.
  6. We ate at a fast food joint that we shouldn’t mention. See the thing is at 8:40-ish p.m. we were starving and the kind of tired where someone could just cry at any moment. We hopped in the car for the drive-thru and ended up dining in at a spot for nuggets, burgers, and fries. Besides Sam (and she’s barely been home to enjoy the cooking in her house), the rest of us haven’t had a home-cooked meal really in…almost 3 weeks. Our digestive systems cannot take it anymore! And while we’ve been stocking the work kitchenette with some good staples, there are still things like Bugles and soda that while not nourishing at all, have been a great mood lifter when we think we just don’t have any more juice left in us to finish the to-do list.
  7. We forgot to call you back, send an email or… well, we just forgot everything. There are just some items on our list of priorities that keep getting so shuffled around that many of our conversations lately have been along the lines of, “thanks for the reminder about x,” “I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you.” Or “Oh yea, I totally meant to send that to you.”

Alas, it is what it is. We are human after all and this chaos is temporary. In the midst of it, we keep taking deep breaths, laughing a lot and if nothing else getting the most sleep we can. Sometimes it’s just a busy time. And the key isn’t in the reality of what is so, or how to change it. The key is to be as peaceful as possible with exactly how it is in real time with all of it’s bumps, bruises, and beauty.

Here’s a photo of the three of us with our incredibly tolerant and supportive spouses. They helped us toast the new spot the other night with smiles in-between yawns and we couldn’t be more grateful.


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  1. Lindsey

    So Proud! Xoxo

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