A 7-step plan for coping with allergies

Oh, Springtime! Lush but lethal for those whose sinuses close up at the mere thought of stepping outside.

Here are a few tips to live with allergies this season:

1. Treat your sinuses like your garden: irrigate them

Wash away the debris and irritants getting stuck in your nasal passages by using a neti pot. Using a neti pot takes a few tries to get past the “I’m drowning” sensation; don’t worry, you’ll conquer your scary childhood memories and learn to live again. Some folks like other sinus rinse products better, especially if you have a deviated septum or other ENT-related circumstances.

2. Put down that pint

When the sun comes out, all that may be on our mind is a warm deck and a delicious ice cream cone or an ice cold beer. Careful there, cowboy. Allergies are a form of inflammation. Some foods are a culprit because they cause inflammation… mainly delicious foods too, like dairy, wheat, and sugar. Just know that if you partake of the double scoop or double pint, you may pay for it tomorrow by having extra crowded sinuses. Everything in moderation, my dear.

3. Sweet dreams

Rest up! Don’t forget that our bodies work on repairing damage – including reducing inflammation – while we sleep.

4. Bring out your inner YORK Peppermint Pattie

Buy a tiny vial of peppermint oil and bring it with you at all times. When feeling stuffed up, dab a single drop on either side of your nose. Use VERY sparingly; otherwise you will end up in tears and blind from the overwhelming minty rush…saying it’s powerful is an understatement.

5. Guzzle water

Another way to help the body get rid of unnecessary inflammation is to have another glass of the clear stuff. Water has a naturally cooling effect inside the body. This doesn’t mean chug it with loads of ice though; room temp water is easier for your body to process. Tea counts too!

6. Monitor your meds 

Sometimes allergy meds don’t always get the job done; be careful to not overload too much on them since they can also have other side effects like drying out your skin and digestive system.

If you can tolerate alternating your meds with any of the tips above, it will give you a chance to learn what may work for your body.

7. Call us

We’ve been seeing several acupuncture patients lately with allergy symptoms. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for allergies; however, we can help you uncover the underlying cause – and some relief too!

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