5 tips for a great spring and a great year.

Springtime reminders to help you feel healthier all year long:

#1 This is the time of year for moving your muscles! If you’re already a fitness buff then keep at it. If you and your couch or your desk chair have a better relationship than you do with moving your muscles this is the best time of year to start moving. You don’t have to run a marathon or try out for the Olympics unless you want to. Instead, you can simply take a 15 minute walk each day, go for a light jog a few times a week, take a yoga class once a week or more or just dance in your living room. Anything to get the blood moving in your limbs and re-mobilize your tendons!

#2 Clean out your closets. Extra crap will bog you down – mentally, socially, physically – basically entirely. Autumn is also a great time for cleaning house, but the thing is for some of us we just don’t have the energy. In springtime many folks have a surge of energy because we are coming out of the frost. Take advantage of that energy and let the garbage go. You won’t miss it. Need help with it? I like this book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and this new one is next on my list, Breaking Up with Your Stuff.

#3 Take note of your allergies. If you suffer from spring allergies one question you can ask yourself is, “Did I get enough sleep this past winter?” If your answer is no or you aren’t sure it’s something to write down in your calendar or journal for next year. See if heading to bed with sunset or close to it makes a difference next spring. In the meantime, as exciting as the warmth is, make sure you get great sleep at least 4 nights each week. See if your allergies are better during times where you feel you are better rested. What’s great sleep? Listen up and you’ll find out. Having trouble? Book an acupuncture appointment.

#4 Let your creative juices flow. Spring is the season for spreading your creative wings – singing, painting, cooking, knitting, solving really challenging math problems in a new way…whatever does it for you. Doing creative things that you love will help you stave off stress, slough off irritation and frustration, and have room for more joy.

#5 Be honest, take conflict head on. Being nice, passive aggressive or just avoiding conflicts altogether create all kinds of disharmony in the body which can show up as anything from serious muscle tension, to major digestive trouble (GERD, IBS, and more), headaches – the list goes on and can even be way more serious. Dig deep, find your courage and take care of upsets with people. New and wonderful ideas and resolutions come from the friction of conflict. And the best thing? Usually after the storm passes there is a ton of space for more laughter.

Try all this on for size now, and you might find that the rest of the year, and the beginning of next year are better than you could have ever hoped for. Each season affects the next…


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